About Us

We are a Marketing company specialize in Digital Marketing

HashTag provides clients with a full spectrum of marketing services. We take brand marketing to the next level by offering culturally intrinsic experience, both online and on the ground.

Why Choose Us

We have diverse experience due to working in various channels of marketing. That allows us to choose the best for you based on your requirements.
We are backed by Real Soft, a Germany based company. It allows us to learn modern trends and keep it up with international standards.
We offer you Free Trial at no costs to let you decide if you wish to order with us.

We offer various marketing channels
to rank your business high

Some of those are listed below

Custom Websites

Get your online presense by having a website of your business

Paid Search Results

Get your business listed on top at popular search engines

Global Search Option

Get your audience targetted locally or globally

Email Marketing

Share product or business offers directly to emails of your audience

Custom Apps & Widgets

Maintain your communication to your audience via apps & widgets

Setup Business Goal

Get your business goal setup and help tracking & achieving it